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tv   [untitled]    May 2, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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markets why not. run the. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report. you can say to those families who have lost loved ones it is terror justice has been done the u.s. president confirms osama bin laden's been killed in a special operation but questions are already being asked over who initially supported the world's most wanted terrorist. the death of colonel gadhafi son and grandchildren in a nato bombing sparked outrage in tripoli as his supporters storm western embassies forcing the u.n. to withdraw stuff from the capital plus. really a reward that has started in the past few years. has been a result of old media office r.t.
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exclusive the controversial founder of online whistleblower wiki leaks shares thoughts on who really makes international conflict possible. and following efficiently get inside a nuclear power plant to take a glimpse at its workings and safety measures in place to prevent another fukushima . seven pm in moscow i met tresor good to have you with us here on r t our top story the most high profile manhunt in recent history is over as washington confirms its eliminated terrorist target number one osama bin laden the al qaeda leader was killed following a raid on his hideout in pakistan for more on this we go live to our correspondents and he said now a moscow and guys chickie on in washington first to you guy in a. dead out of the way but is it too early to celebrate.
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that's right there has been a lot of cheering here in the u.s. since the president announced the news the obama administration is definitely in the been accomplished kind of move american officials are saying they have his d.n.a. confirmation that it was indeed osama bin laden who was killed in the shootout u.s. authorities said they buried him at sea many say even if americans didn't bury his body at sea they probably said that's who we're going some place of pilgrimage for al qaeda sympathizers for those many who were waiting for photographs proof of bin laden's that there was a bit of a disappointment because there is no credible image to show according to president obama bin laden was killed by american special forces in pakistan in a relatively luxurious compound not in some cave in a cave in afghanistan as some would expect the president said he had known about bin laden's whereabouts since last year which to suggest that they had been preparing this operation for months both interesting everybody knows that the u.s. has been chasing beyond of ghana's then borders in yemen those have been covert
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drone strikes in pakistan they've been pretty overt the u.s. has been widely criticized for those strikes for the scores of civilians that they killed in pakistan it's been it's been an especially sore issue and the question some ask now is could the success of killing bin laden in pakistan give the u.s. more of a carte blanche for carrying out strikes in other countries or to justify those strikes some analysts point out that america's war on terror so far has been a double edged sword that involved fighting terror and provoking terror at the same time bin laden was the embodiment symbol of america's war on terror since nine eleven he had been similar greatest villain the u.s. invaded afghanistan to chase him down and came and his associates the chase took a phenomenal lot of time and resources down and thousands of afghan civilians died who were waged by allied forces and led by the united states has left afghanistan as unstable as every. now a hotbed of extremism the u.s.
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administration now of course hail so some of the law his death is a great victory on the war on terror front but the bigger question is how much more terror has that war instigated ever since the u.s. has a track record of policies that backfired like arming and training the afghan mujahideen in the nineteen eighties and you know in their fight against the soviet troops subsequently the same mujahideen militants turned their weapons and training against the us among those supported by the us was osama bin ladin whose were potentially involved into al qaida but like i say i said there is a lot of cheerleading going on in washington right now and it seems many find it more comforting to think only in terms of justice is being served and evil punished rather than also look at the other side of the double edged sword which is america's war on terror and turning to a new so now russia is no stranger to al qaeda linked terror movements tell us more about that. matter russia most certainly is no stranger to the threat of terror is
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specially in its color titled north caucasus region where special forces there are constantly on the offensive against domestic chart networks and internationally wanted terrorists like doku umarov but that's said moscow has of course and understandably helped the death of osama bin ladin say that it's a major step and symbol to the global terror prices also say that it hopes that it with each further cooperation but the country very much understands that even though osama bin ladin is dead the fight against terror is far from over. the men want to demand for a decade is gone the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden. three years of carrying doing write me from some it was a movement a victory for others a movement of the barest meant. that it was a u.s. . but there is one moment analysts say should not be overlooked osama bin laden may
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be dead but the threat of terror is very much alive frankly doesn't make much of a difference that bin laden is dead people here working bin still long one at least for the last two years to be very convinced that the. figures or people in this region who by the way cannot number more than one hundred are incapable of carrying out any major attacks instead it's russia now kind of linked terrorists that have made the most recent marks on scales metro blast an airport bombing two of the latest school attacks were masterminded by domestic chechen terribly here doku umarov for years has been trying to serve bin laden's role as the face of international terrorism their qaeda leaders demise is expected to remain a significant symbol of having little or no effect in the fight against terrorism it could create waves elsewhere in two thousand and one right. george
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bush's approval rating was around fifty percent within twenty four hours and shot up to ninety percent so watch for obama to get from this and now of course an opening has been made for the new face of evil first it was assad and was with russian federation there came some of them large hussein and he is a person we have mom. makes one who can of course definitely whenever the need arises. speaking of that libya you're going to hear a lot of parallels in the coming days of the fact that the u.s. and nato are training rubbles there and it was the u.s. the nearest groups that then became al qaida and the taliban back in the one nine hundred eighty s. during the soviet can for. right artes and he's now in moscow and guy image here in washington thanks for that. for more on bin laden's demise and what it could mean
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for the world we're joined by brian becker a national coordinator of the facts now to stop war and end racism coalition joining us from washington kids have you with us so now been osogd ladan is out of the way what's next you think for the war on terror. well i think that what's going on here is the the the united states government is as it did after september eleventh going to use this event as a pretext for other foreign policy september eleventh was that he this crime against working people in new york city i live short just a few blocks from the world trade center we had friends who were there who were there we all felt the grief and the suffering and the rage that happened but our coalition the answer coalition started three days later because we believe that the bush administration would take advantage of this heinous crime to carry out unstated but very real foreign policy to invade afghanistan who made a rag carry out other regime change and you can see the atmosphere in washington is
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similar right now there is not this is not ending the war on terror but going to be an accelerant to the war so-called war on terror and you also see that there is a political effort by the obama administration to use this as a justification for maintaining the guantanamo prison facility which has been labeled by the united nations as a torture facility so there's a lot of politics involved in this raid but i think we see this as an accelerant to the trend for a more invasions more kill teams more drone attacks something that will be an accelerant not a depressant towards the tendency towards war in america well you mentioned guantanamo just now and hillary clinton has announced a lot of stuff was the result of information gathered from guantanamo detainees do you think that justifies keeping the base open and the policies that are under criticism but perhaps in some way have merit have results. but you know i think guantanamo must be closed it's
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a torture center like i would grade like bob graham chrism it tells the whole world that the united states is nothing by torturing the obama administration came in and it is part of his first statement one of his first proclamations he said we're going to close this because it's such a. blemish on the image of the united states and yet two years later guantanamo is open the military commission for all is our starting the obama administration and hillary clinton need to find a way to walk back from their earlier position that they had pledged to close this torture center so this becomes a convenient pretext to maintain this ugly awful torture center under the aegis of the united states government what do you think about the timing of this is just a few weeks after obama announced her reelection run do you think that's a coincidence i don't think it's a coincidence i think there's a lot of politics they say they've been at watching this facility for a long time since at least august two thousand and ten just remember osama bin laden according to this story was living in
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a mansion eight times larger than any nearby home just thirty five miles from islam of the capital of pakistan and if they were watching him we can see that this was a time for intervention to kill him if in fact that is what's happened we only know parts of the story and more of a story will come out but assuming that that's true but timing is such a train is leaving his post as commander of afghanistan becoming the head of cia panetta is the head of the cia becoming the secretary of defense it's part of an effort to teams that reputation at a time when the american people frankly are sick and tired of the war in afghanistan want the troops out of iraq are unhappy that the u.s. is now bombing a third muslim country there's a lot here that will be politically useful and convenient for the major figures in the obama administration what do you think of the evidence and or lack thereof and of transparency surrounding the events that went on in pakistan earlier.
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well we don't know hardly anything because all of this is coming through the pentagon in through the white house the presentation is such that it makes it clear that the pakistan government knew nothing about this this war at the same time the u.s. is carrying out drone attacks all over pakistan as it is in afghanistan again without any authority from the pakistan government so the idea of sovereignty for pakistan is nothing clearly what a joke the united states is the side that it can use military force wherever it wants whether it's in yemen or pakistan or afghanistan without any sovereign authority over the government but of course osama bin laden is the face of september eleventh comes in the american public and through the media machine and because he appears to be responsible for that attack. right for a target that should not cloud the picture what's really going on is the u.s. is arrogating to itself the right to go in and kill whoever it wants to kill
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wherever it wants to and of course that is the typical attitude of an m.r.i. and we're going to have to wrap it up i think you've made your point brian becker from the answer coalition. turning to libya where bodies of moammar gadhafi son and grandchildren are reportedly killed in a nato airstrike had been shown on state television nato says they intercepted military communications from the targeted site before launching the attack the incident causing outrage among proclivities supporters with angry mobs storming foreign embassies in a couple of tripoli british and italian offices suffered the most damage with the u.n. deciding to withdraw a star from libya after its buildings were also attacked mark armento visiting professor of international relations at bill kent university believes things are going to get worse in libya as nato may have underestimated the libyan leader. when they started six weeks ago they thought that our. collapse very quickly would. now in fact if anything in this intervention stabilize with our. national.
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they've had to become more and more aggressive more more involved otherwise our rules are you cameron the british prime minister and president of arnold were very foolish they. felt that of course was not the un resolutions they thought of a nice humanitarian resolution would be a couple of collapse of the. right hasn't happened now it was getting nasty and once the un security council resolution was passed. the three nato states is ranking coverage what they want to do is it can be reversed without their agreement or computer and you change the terms of the resolution so unless the change of heart in washington. i suspect we will see increased military activity and i mean they are but also on the ground and maybe this will solve the problem from the perspective of all the major countries but maybe it will simply be. the one who.
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one of the driving coalition forces france has not only become a key player in libya but another regional conflicts having sent its troops with former hari ivory coast paris now may be showing a strong interest in syria's arjun's daniel bushell reports stalin's cousin was shot by troops during syria's protests his parents there now live in hiding but he fears france will make things even worse for mean his country on the pretext of stopping the violence i don't wish to have. an hour far since in syria but i bet i expect. he notes the same chain of events that brought war with libya and now on falding it's home first syrian leader bashar al assad was invited for talks in paris as was colonel gadhafi but at the same time france reportedly was funding opposition groups in
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both states now nicolas sarkozy's government is slapping damascus with saying shin's the precursor to the invasion of libya humanitarian aide says one also will again be their excuse to go in the logic of the ongoing in the media is not the shooting there have been in syria. syria was once on the fringe occupation but certainly safe roles behaves as if it's still in control france they've had their spies there for decades now and the religious movements have had their people there for breaking it so they're going to do whatever they can to use their influence to change the regime in a way that they see fit intervention would leave france fighting in four walls that hasn't happened since it was a colonial power for its defense ministry hasn't been busy in over fifty years already fighting in afghanistan libya and the ivory coast is now turning its sights on another former colony syria to take spurs the. the real target is serious key
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ally iran france is growing increasingly angry at tehran's nuclear ambitions and is part of international moves to stop the program of most schools would become a springboard for the sarkozy administration as it pushes east it wants in syria progress according to libyan scenario we will probably see a similar developments in iran unfortunately that is iran will repeat the syrian scenario russia watches western military interventions with rising along it warms the fuelling across the middle east. deliberately a school is in a conflict is an invitation to a series of civil wars outside forces should not interfere give advice or take sides in internal conflicts but russia's foreign minister adds there could be a sting in the tail he says only chaos in the region helps the very extremist whisk
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wants to stop gaining power valuable shore r.t. paris. people in europe any us have been repeatedly duped by the media into backing foreign interventions that's the point of view of julian a science controversial founder of wiki leaks who spoke exclusively with r.t. here's a taste of what's coming the next hour. a number one enemy is ignorance. and i believe that is the number one enemy everyone is not understanding what is actually going on in the world. here with promoting ignorance it is bad media. it really is my opinion that the media in general are so bad there is a thought here. how the world actually lose nearly every war that is started in a park fifty years has been a result of the media why in the media could have stopped it if they had
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basically populations. populations have to be fooled into walls populations but we don't really know it's going to work so if we have a quick media environment but you also have a piece from. three years on from the financial crash of two thousand and eight millions of americans are still mired in debt and struggling to get back on their feet but some stand to gain from the situation and spare no extremes to squeeze out as much cash from the downtrodden as possible from death threats to humiliation or he's very important i reports on predatory debt collectors. imagine a call coming to your home you pick up and assuring her demands your money and threatens your life they had said that we know where you live we know your wife is not going to get away with this before the. indoor prions case he was dealing with
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the mafia and i called them back to find out exactly who they were they were the voices of debt collectors harassing the fifty year old music producer over a small debt belonging to his son. with a record number of americans drowning in unpaid bills losing homes and searching for jobs i've used in the us debt collection industry has reached record highs one hundred forty four thousand complaints were filed with the federal government last year among them collectors resorting to racial slurs anti-semitic remarks and threats of rate certainly any threats of violence or clearly illegal contact with third party somebody other than the consumer it is illegal under on less it is on the very specific circumstances however debt collector is routinely violate the
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third point. the disclosure rules and contact me and relatives as a means of putting pressure on consumers the attorney joseph morrow says most collection agents work on commission only getting paid when debts been recovered a climate of economic desperation intensifying the use of the legal and aggressive tactics just to net our bounty pay check there are more knowledge about four or five cases of suicide coming from that collection harassment has also been heart attacks and strokes ironically our lifeline is always extended to the biggest borer of them all the u.s. governments with exceptional debt of fourteen point three trillion dollars america keeps standing money printing more cash and relying on creditors like china who own one point one trillion dollars in u.s. treasury bonds i want to make it perfectly clear that congress will raise the debt ceiling washington gets a safety net wall street gets
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a bailout and the working americans facing financial hardship gets harassed is it unfair yes it is the economic environment disasters right now yes it is but there's been traditional ways to to work your way out of these situations and those mechanisms are working anymore. as sound unlikely to be heard on wall street where the rich and powerful have lost billions in past years while poor americans on main street continue dealing with the consequences. r t new york. and always stay on top of the news we're covering on our web site r.t. dot com along with latest videos blogs and even some games here's what's a click away right now. the actress wife of a man governing a remote russian region gains notoriety for her dramatic bank balance rather than her on stage antics. never really wanted to see the gloves come off a clash of politicians now's your chance to play our online game dot com.
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nuclear safety has come under fresh scrutiny following the shocking and tragic events a chimpanzee fukushima nuclear plant recent anniversary of the sheer noble disaster has only further highlighted the fears are he's eager or good now has been trying to find out if lessons are being learned as new reactors go online in russia. this is the reactor which is of course not part of the power station. he thought the water would the process of fission and then this water goes on and then turns and turbines which create the electricity normally if there is an accident if anything goes wrong this reactor shuts down with some special control rods they stop the process of fission in japan when the initial earthquake took place there was
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a successful shutdown after the water say collation system was damaged even after you shut the rods down even half the stuff is present it doesn't stop straight away there is a remaining process which goes on for several days. in japan it was a special backup system a diesel operated backup systems which was supposed to start the road from overheating with this leftover fission which was happening but of course this system was damaged as well. we were told afterwards and this is what has led to the . rods causing a buildup of buildup of pressure and eventually the explosions which of state shaken book ashima over the past few days this is the control room obviously the brains of operation now the project for the station was initially approved in the early eighty's all of this equipment was different it was analog before now it's the digital. i think you compare this to the sort of technologies that we use and
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should know ball is totally. appropriate this system is also makes it and these computers can do millions of calculations every second so a repeat of that is impossible hold it say we can only hope that i couldn't such a three mile island so lobel this yet because she will not be repeated any thought i'm in the near future either there are all of the pending instep out station. take a look now at some other stories making headlines across the globe the death toll from extreme weather raging across the southeastern u.s. has reached three hundred forty with thousands of people what injured missing or homeless or reason conditions that made the springs wave of tornadoes and floods the most deadly and devastating since the one nine hundred thirty s. officials say while the rest of new storms are remains they won't be anywhere near the magnitude of this of the disasters seen last week. and in germany to finish and the peaceful may day celebrations turned violent as police use force against protesters water cabins were used to disperse angry crowds and how bird flu threw
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stones bottles at shops and banks across the country may day demonstrations attracted more than four hundred thousand people demanding fair wages and better working conditions. finally this news block the closure of a major cereal factory in rural russia has left workers a majority of the local population on the breadline production came to a halt when the company swallowed up was swallowed up by the global food giant kellogg's or t. sorry for reports. formerly breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. and kellogg's cereal has made its name as a wholesome family brands built on strong ethical values. here but for one small city in russia that perception of kellogg's is difficult to stomach. for generations of families that work here grandmothers mardis harvest sons daughters we've all been left feeling devastated. the few years ago kellogg's to
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caver one of russia's leading cereal brands including this production factory in got a vet's in of late in the region as a global giant of industry it should've been an exciting time for the workers reversal but on march the fourteenth we came to work and were told that the company would be liquidated this year it would have been the company's seventy fifth anniversary despite a generous redundancy package job single vets are scarce for generations of families the factory has been the economic hearts of the city yet in the us it was more than just a job the plant was everything for the people it was our way of live now with the plant closed showing no signs of reopening people here is struggling to find even low paid jobs crowds of people are being sent to the same places and those jobs can then blackmail us they'll say there are five hundred people wanting this job. so
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people are forced to take what they can now there's simply isn't enough work in response to the sudden closure colloq said that the decision was not related to the performance of the workers all the plants management and admitted that the workers contribution have been valuable for the business but that's a little can't fit the workers now. the regional administration is looking for another investor through the factory the tatiana tells us that little seems to be happening in the ethics profits patso this time it seems profits of one outs a guard have but the real balsam line is that with the factory play thing it's the people who are left paying the price so they. stay with us here on r.t. i'll be back in a few moments with bad lines. to
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. look forward to be helped and say. the pain and suffering will never be forgotten. as well.


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